Monday, October 10, 2011

THE Party of the Year! Empress Sassy Pants has a big soiree!

On September 11, 2011 we welcomed 40 Children and 23 Adults to the Party of the Year!  A Princess and Pirate Party  - complete with custom cake and crafts!! It was a really treat and Empress Sassy Pants was as happy as she could be!

Our first arrivals.. family really!

So much fun for the children.. The smaller pirate is the little boy my friend traveled for when I was traveling so he and ESP are already great friends!

Wonderful Party Venue!

Custom made cake.. I asked for a Castle and we got that and SOOOOO much more!!

Strawberry and Vanilla on the inside.. everything on it was edible - the Butterflies were chocolate!

The Amazing Cake Designer - she is the daughter of a very good friend and she is the genius behind UnCanny Cakes!

She even left a little undone - and had the birthday girl help to add the finishing touches.. ESP was thrilled!

Since the cake itself was vanilla and strawberry - I had these cuppies made for the chocoholics amongst my posse! They were gone in a NY Minute!

Right now she is saying it was the happiest day of her life.. It can only get better, right?

A budding romance? We should be so lucky!!!

One of her very most favorite pressies.. she was so excited that everything matched!

She was just so happy... that IS what it is all about and she is diligently working on her Thank You Notes.. but she is very particular and wants to get them exactly right!

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