Sunday, October 09, 2011

Summer Vacation - 2 weeks in Rangely!

My Boy Gets a COOL new Look - Mohawk Baby!

So - who knew 8.5 hourz in a car with my Chilliez would be so much fun!! We start out for our  Vacation! 6 am

Notice all the cool stuff (bribes!) they got for the trip!

Ferry to CT
Poured rain the whole way up to ME

THIS is what they did for a good part of the trip!


View from the deck - Rangeley Lake

Maine - The Way Life Should Be..

It just doesn't get any better!

From the Rangeley overlook

Emperor and Daddy

Empress Sassy Basking in the Sun

Lake swimming never gets old!

Looking up the hill towards the path (to the left) other house in view are vacation rentals

Kids had a blast!
Two Beautiful Empresses in the Sun

The Beach at the bottom of the hill from Nana and Papa's

Looking left at the beach

Emperor playing in the "surf" 

Empress Sassy Pants sweet smile

She wants hugs ALL the time!! I just knew she would be fierce!

Me and My 3 Silly Chilliez - All wet and sandy (I do not swim in lakes under any circumstances!)

Can I say - I am loving this a whole lot better than "Bu Yao Mama!" A lot better!

A la Familia and some (on its way) Lobster!

My Chilliez LOVE eating out.. 

Come to think of it - we ALL love to eat out!
Last look at the lake.. it was a great 2 weeks.. we fished, we swam, we ate a LOT of ice cream, we ate a LOT of Lobster (Yum!) We had a LOT of fun and spent some great times with Nana and Papa - the Chilliez LOVE Maine!

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