Sunday, October 09, 2011

School Daze School Daze !!!!!

They actually DO get along really really well (90% of the time.)

Can't even begin to tell you what the matter is...  but someone is NOT HAPPY!

And it didn't get better right away - but we don't call her Empress Fussy Pants for nothing!

Rare sight of a rainbow..

Just a little shape up - she is growing her hair LONG!

My little Salon addict.. is now enjoying her hair being washed and trimmed - she is also growing her hair LONG.

The Works!! She looked so pretty! (Why didn't I take THAT pic???)

Picking up their textbooks (about 50 lbs a piece) for school!

The first graders (girls) have 2x as many books as the second grader (boy)

First Day of School 2011 - They were so adorable.. it was hard to let them go!

No more Mohawk, no more shorts or flip-flops, no more dinner at the beach...

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