Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finally!! And now I know I am off the deep end!

It has finally happened. I am happier than I can say - and so depressed that THIS is what makes me happy these day.............. TA DA.. Drum Roll please.........................

The new TARGETTE is FINALLY opening across the street-ish!! No more crossing the tracks or driving on Accident-Rise highway ..... no more trying to figure out whether the north or south store is actually closer (we live dead center between North and South Shores of the Lawn Guyland) and no more putting off the shopping for necessaries.. because now I can go after EFP is asleep because it's not too far and if there is an emergency DH can call me and I will be home before he can hang up the phone! WOO HOO!

Now on another note: how pathetic is it that getting that little announcement card in the mail (almost - but not quite) brought tears to me eyes? Tears of joy... how sad that something so mundane would be the object of celebration here at the ALL-Year-Round-Palace.... (though we have the Empress we can not justify separate summer and winter palaces). Though I can hark back to those simple days (pre-marriage and child) and remember when another grand opening caused glee throughout the land... okay it was a shoe store..... but nothing like last night's whooping it up! Even DH was thrilled and believe me he DREADS shopping! But being able to go across the street (more like diagonally and we still have to leave the compound) for a gallon of milk (which is like three times a week - because both DH and EFP are milk guzzlers!!) or a pack of diapies.... well once again I am just Vaklempt!

Now if only I could find the darn pool shoes for EFP!! I am tired of getting into trouble with the Center teacher(aka She Who Must BE Obeyed) because I am unprepared. EFP's dainty little tootsies just don't fit into shoes well - except for her squeaky shoes. I have tried to find size 3 pool shoes in every store I could think of and even went online - but alas 3s are very hard to find. Whatsup with that????? I wonder if the new Targette will have them?? Or will they as my sis thinks start out stocked with only fall merchandise? That won't help! What am I gonna do?

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