Friday, July 21, 2006

You know it's a bad day when...................

Your kid is up till 3am for no explicable reason… and you know she was not sick/in pain because every time you went in there she wanted to play peek-a-boo and the nose beeping game! Indeed – when your DH went in there was immediate quieting and calming till DH was back under the covers – then the screaming would begin in earnest – along with cries for MAMA! Hmm… she has figured out our little alternating scheme! Now what????

You are having major dilemma’s about traveling on your annual family vacation in a few weeks because maybe it is just too soon to go so far away and disrupt your usual routine……. What to do? What to do?

You get to the daycare and there is a sign announcing that a kid (or two) has
Coxsackie Virus and since it’s the other toddler room, the chances of EFP contracting it are 100%. In fact… since you are expecting company the first weekend in August and then you leave for Maine… guess when she will come down with the Virus? Yup, you guessed it!! August 5th! ERGH!

You get to work and there is no Hazelnut Coffee… just stupid chocolate flavor! Who ever heard of such a thing! I do not do chocolate and I do not like doing mornings without Hazelnut coffee… it’s a must an actual life requirement! Also there were no bagels or muffins available either…… jeez!

You are getting your coffee and an colleague and acquaintance that you really admire and like seeing every day may get ‘called up’ to active duty ………………… for the Israeli Army. I mean she is a MOM for heaven’s sake and it’s just not fair, not to mention it is really dangerous thereabouts right now! Well – I suppose it is actually fair – since the Israeli Army has mandatory service requirements for both Jewish men and women- now that IS gender equality – but I am not sure I can be for that kind of equality where young children are involved! In fact – I am pretty sure I am totally against all and every act of aggression and that armies themselves should become superfluous (Yes, that is a real word!) and obsolete – so there!

You have your usual weekly KNIT-NIGHT and one of your favorite people of all time makes a stunning announcement about a permanent change of home-venue and well… I guess my bad day started last night. This on top of an earlier revelation that some other one of us would be living in another part of the globe altogether! Who said anyone could move? I do not recall (nor did I get a memo) that this was a permissible activity nor did we ALL agree that it was ok to move will-nilly all over the country or WORLD for that matter… and you all know who you are……! I have a few words for you: MEOW........MEOW..........MEOW............MEOW!!!!!!!

You discover your darling child just loves being in the water and pool fun is optimal….. so of course the weather has been just stinky for swimming and it appears we will not get to swim today either – what with the storms crossing the island!

SO.........Phooey I say PHOOEY!

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