Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where does an Empress Sleep?

Why in a beautifully decorated Imperial Nursery, where eles? Here are some photos of the nursery where EFP reposes every night.

The beautiful hand-crafted mirror was a gift from my secret pal for our Moonbeam Cyber Shower.... I love that mirror and so does EFP! Our theme was butterflies and blossoms.. but there are a few ladybugs and dragonflies thrown in for luck. There is picket fence all around the room over Laura Ashley English Garden Walllpaper plus coordinated border. The walls are a periwinkle color and there are large puffy clouds on the ceiling.

The window is covered with a room darkening shade covered with lavendar gingham fabric Roman Shades. Sheers are sprinkled with butterflies and the drapes are Lavendar Gingham. The combination creates a softer light when the shade is open. There are little picket fence shelves on the walls and two picket fence bookshelf units already filled with books. The lamp is a combination lamp and nightlight which casts butterfly shaped light on the walls and makes the clouds look like they are floating in the sky. The elephant in the humidifier we recently put in to help EFP when she has a little cold - the Central Air makes it a little dry in here. Actually I bought two and there is one in my room as well.

So this is where an Empress sleeps!! To prove it - here is a sleeping Empress!

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