Monday, July 31, 2006

Referral Day!! Woo Hoo!!

Finally some long-suffering and anxious parents are seeing BABIES today!! Most notably AMY & DARRIN who are friends in real-life and who we could not be happier for. It will be very interesting to see whether their new Adorable Baby is a Scorpio or not... they are being curiously quiet about her birthday..... LOL I actually cried when I saw that their referral had finally arrived.

In cyber life there are so many people, for example Naked Ovary - who I know waited with pain these last months... they, as we, expected a 6 month referral and for those who were made happy today the wait had crept up to 13 months. That is sad. And HARD! I was a basket case by the time we got ours and it was only 9 months! But we are so happy now... and grateful.

Unless you have BTDT you can't imagine what a humbling experience it is to be given a child to raise.... my own feelings of gratitude increase daily. The more I know and love EFP the more I am humbled by the incredible gift of her life. How much I owe the Chinese Government for entrusting her to my care. Today when I was finally able to find out whether my friends had indeed received referrals - I was thinking back to those last anxious days before we saw our daughter for the first time. Would she be healthy? Would she be happy (eventually) to have us for parents? Would everything be ok? Will I be a good mother? Can we really do this? Of course by then it was really too late to have those questions... and once we saw her little face it was all over for both of us. I hear that some folks don't fall in love at first sight of the referral picture. I did - but I admit I had some small part reserved just in case there was a problem or they (meaning the governments) realized they had made a mistake in referring us an utterly gorgeous (and clearly smart and talented!) baby and switched her for another.......... (OK- I was delirious remember!!!) so I did keep some part separate - the part I reserved for that other precious moment when that beautiful child was handed to me with the words "This is your Mama!" I certainly am that... and from that second on I have been utterly lost. DH also has no reservations in his love for his baby.

So today - the joy is being spread all over the world as new parents get this first site of the face they will come to know better than their own... I am sharing in the happiness..... because my own happiness came that way also!!


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