Saturday, July 29, 2006

When is a car alarm not...................

HELPFUL?? When it totally eliminates the possibility of actually driving the car!!!

This is not a trick post. Today my car alarm actually prevented ME from driving the car. I am still not exactly sure what happened - but when I left the shower event the car was completely dead and although it's possible that the dead battery from leaving the lights on is partly responsible somehow the alarm engaged and refused to let go! So my car is, as we speak, at the service station awaiting repair. I am hoping that the alarm actually gets disconnected and we are through with it. Now - this might have happened on the really hottest day of the year - but I am not sure since if it got any hotter I would be in h*ll! Not to mention I was all the way out somewhere well past what I consider normal LI. I am uber-lucky though because I was not alone and the Fabby Valerie was kind enough to haul me, my baby, and a considerable amount of baby crapola home so I didn't have to hitchhike in 150 degree weather with the world's MOST expensive baby carseat in tow! We did fine and I am aware of exactly how blessed I am. Not just because I have friends and friend's husbands (Rebecca's DH tried really hard to get the alarm to disarm even enlisting some of HIS friends... alas the alarm proved to tricky) So here we are all safe and sound, and aware that even when annoying things happen they are made less annoying when we have people we love - who love us back!!

So while I was expecting a hard day with lots to do and a tight schedule - it just goes to show you that you can only plan so much. EFP was an absolute darling today and had a great time at the baby shower. How could she not be with a ton of honorary Aunties and her absolute fav sitter around to cater to her every whim... she even had a cup full of punch (non-alcoholic of course) alas she slept through the cake! But we all had a great time and love that the Mom being showered had, apparently, no clue she was to be sprinkled on! YAY!!!

I was sorry to miss our other engagement this evening our Waiting Families get together. Unfortunately by the time AAA got to us it was well past five and we were still way out east. We got home close to 7 and EFP still needed dinner... so we were forced to abandon our plan to attend. I doubt we were missed as there were plenty of newly home babies to welcome and if anyone were worried about catching something from EFP - at least our absence alleviated those fears.

When I arrived home and we straightened everything out - got EFP fed and cleaned up DH revealed he had a surprise!! He presented me with a beautiful card that says he is happy with our life and that he never thought he would be this happy (of course H@llm@rk said it more eloquently) and that he loves me even more now than 12 years ago... we had our first date on this day!! So it was an anniversary of sorts. Funny - we had our first date on his youngest sister's birthday (which was also my grandmother's birthday) and she got married on my birthday - so we both have no reason to forget either date! Well - I may not have had a chance to get to the card store - but he should know that I say basically the same thank you every single day.

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me myself and i said...

Awwww! G is so thoughtful!!! That is so sweeet!
And yes I was clueless about the shower and way too weepy over the ove of family and friends....damn pregnancy hormones!

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