Friday, July 28, 2006

No News IS Good News!

Yes - although I don't wish to jinx us, it looks like we are dodging the illness bullet for the time being. EFP has been healthy all week and has attended daycare every day! Woo HOO! She is teething so her little nose is going and the drool factory is working overtime! She should have her molars soon. She has been fever-free for the most part, certainly nothing over 99 and I check it a few times each day. We have a very busy weekend coming up and hopefully she will remain healthy - there are a few things I don't want to miss, but obviously if she has a temp or is unwell I will be home with her. I think last weekend it was good we stayed home and remained relatively quiet, especially since I wasn't sure whether she was sick or not - of course now we know she was not really, just a little under the weather.

I suppose it is irritating when people drag their sick kids to events.. I wouldn't do that though, primarily because I DO find it irritating. Like when people come to work sick rather than use sick time. I know some companies have weird policies that penalize employees for taking the sick time they have accrued (Like DH's Co. for example) but honestly - if a person is sick he/she should stay home and not spread the wealth (of germs that is). Of course - I also don't like sending EFP to daycare if she has a temp or seems sick - but then I know that I have plenty of time and occasionally I can even leave her with her g-mom, and I realize that some people are not so lucky. I guess some people don't get sick time or have no one to leave a sick child with and they can't risk their job, I do get that, but it still stinks that sick kids come to daycare to infect otherwise healthy kids. And honestly - why don't daycare's advertise themselves as world class human Petri dishes? I walked into EFP's the other day and some of the kids had this little cough... sounded like kennel cough (really!) but they seem fine otherwise.

I actually have to make an appointment for EFP to get the results of her allergy blood work. I am hoping she is not allergic to the cats or anything - but its possible I suppose. Of course it could also be the plants/trees/grasses here since they are somewhat different than those where she was born. I suppose we will find out shortly at any rate.

Then there is the slowly creeping in panic about our upcoming vacation. I just don't see how we are going to cram all the accessories needed for a two week vacation into our car! And have room for us? This more than anything else - except for the car seat issue is why I am almost (but not quite) settled on a mini-van for our new car... while I still refuse to accept the anti-cool factor associated with mini-vans, I do accept the life-enhancing features of them. To wit: power sliding doors, a bit of cargo room, overhead DVD system (for long car trips) not having to contort oneself to get child into or out of carseat....etc. The more I think about it the more I have no choice... boo hoo.... no mini-convertible for me!!

Here is what I want:

Here is what I am probably getting:

And here is the car I REALLY REALLY want:


me myself and i said...

OH NO!!! Not the "Soccer Mom" car!!! I beg you...dont do it!!! :)

Cindy said...

Oh, I totally agree about the Mini! I have dreamed for one for at least 4 years. I have a toy mini sitting on my desk at work. We can't afford a new car right now (at least they are both paid off though). One of these days we will replace mine. I actually like the mini vans because of all the cool gadgets!!

Dani said...

I want this back. (Mine was white with a black top, burgundy interior)

I'm with Rebecca though - take a gander at a trailblazer or the like while mini van shopping

Nichelle said...

Just passin' thru...but your comments about wanting a Mini remind me of a good friend of mine who wishes she had hers back (a casualty of divorce), she's stuck with an old Subaru, and her dream car is the one you have pictured here.... :-) Nice blog!

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