Saturday, April 05, 2008

Quick Post from ONE HAPPY MOMMY!

I just thought I would drop a line to tell you all how WONDERFULLY WELL things are going!! EBB has finally turned the corner with me... and he is just the sweet and lovable boy I knew he would be. DH returned to the Library today and although there were a few tears... they vanished at my hug and (honestly I think having mei mei home helped a lot) and have not returned so far! The kids played together or separately and frankly - there was a lot less bickering than I would have expected.... it was a nice day!

We spoke to Baba on the phone a few times just so EBB would realize that he was not gone/lost and that seemed to go well. All in all I think things are looking up... EFP asked for a nap and although EBB doesn't always nap he had a short rest period and that worked wonders. We had a fun romp outside (it was GORGEOUS today) and that also was a big delight. After dinner DH took BOTH kids for a wagon ride and they kids had a blast.

What is not to like ??? I am getting to the picture situation... XOXOXOXOXO


ReelMom said...

Love you Sissy!!!

Kelley said...

Hooray for a wonderful day! I'm so glad that things are going well!

Anonymous said...

That is WONDERFUL!!!

Michele said...

Things will fall into place. Glad its happening sooner rather than later. Looking forward to seeing you....or at least some pictures hehehe


Kristen F said...

Yay! I am so happy things are looking brighter! Sounds like you had a wonderful day - wishing you lots more just like that!


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