Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thanks Sissy - Three Words...............

Pancake Puff Pan!

After you stop laughing... let me explain something. When PBS started having commercials the first were not appealing to children - like insurance etc. Then the next wave started - still not attractive or influencing children (OR SO YOU THOUGHT!) Honda Odyssey and the Pancake Puff Pan. Well, the first time that EFP saw the Pancake Puff Pan (hereafter P3) she was smitten - in a BIG way. "Mommy, I needa had that!" I looked at the TV and I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. I let it pass. Then the next time we saw the commercial "Mommy I need that!" and so on and so on and so on.

In passing one day - I mentioned my ire at PBS for airing ANY commercials and especially that there seemed to be no end of fascination with this pan for my daughter. She recalled that her own son was attracted to some strange (but convincing ads - like the Honda for instance) and that kids will pick up on the weirdest things...

Well - she never stopped mentioning the P3... and what do you think my dear sweet sister did? Yup - visited me, ostensibly to help with the new child and visit, briefly, but she had far darker motives, I assure you. She howled with laughter as she presented me with - you guessed it.. the P3! UGH!

So what did I do this morning? See for yourself:


Kelley said...

Well, I have to say, "I needa had that!" Truly, that pan looks like a great thing!

I'm not sure I've ever even noticed commercials on PBS...shows you how closely I pay attention!

ReelMom said...

OMG!!! They look just like they do on TV!!! My niece will be thanking me Forever!!! (I know you will to as soon as you are speaking to me again!!) Love You Sissy!!!

Kristen F said...

Yummy! they look good!!

I think I needa one too EFP!!


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