Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well Done!

I am only going to say that if it weren't for the parents who went before - that prepared us for the procedure (before, during and after) and for the recovery room... none of us would be doing very well, instead we are all as well as can be expected. The surgery was long (almost 4 hours) and his recovery room experience was traumatic... WE were prepared! HE was not.

The surgeon said it was a great procedure... his cleft palate is now whole (YAY!) and he should be able to hear. (YAY!)

We had to make a last minute change of plans.. (as you can see) I am home and DH (or Daddy of the year... ) is at the hospital. Unfortunately - in our decision making we decided that since I would be the better one to negotiate our complex University Hospital (I work at the University) I brought our son this morning and now he has not forgiven me. I am sooooo sad about that - but I think once again our best decision has made us make a better one... he doesn't cry as much when DH is there... he wails when I am... so I am home with the Empress.

Thank you to all who called or emailed... or left a message. I can't thank you all enough... it is truly during these milestones (Both the happy and the hard) that we come to learn what how big our circle of friends and family really is - and how much we NEED them all. EFP spent a very happy afternoon and evening with Auntie Ren and now is sleeping like the Empress she is. She is sad that daddy and "brudder" are not here and worries that "brudder" is ok without her... aaww!

I am so exhausted (had to be in Pre-surg by 6:30!) so I am calling it a night.. will post the few sad pics tomorrow... hugs to all... XOXOXOXOXOXO


lpiccoli said...

Missy, I am so relieved to hear everything went well.

Get some rest my friend.

Hugs from GA,

Laura - Italia

Pamster said...

So glad the surgery went well. We just found out our little guy will be having his palate repaired in 2 weeks. What can you share to help us be prepared? Thanks in advance!
Pam & the gang in Missouri
[March DTCs rule!]

Cathryn said...

Hi Missy - sending all positive thoughts and energy Bo's way and you's guys as well. Much love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

You know we are all sending you huge hugs, thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, etc. I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. All the other stuff is going to come together, I promise you that. Doesn't make it any easier though. Holding you in our hearts and extra hugs and kisses to you all.


MomEtc. said...

(((hugs))) to the whole family! I'm so glad the surgery is over and that all went well.

reprehriestless warillever said...

I am praying for EBB and his family for a swift recovery.

Beverly said...

praying for you all!!

Michele said...

Praying for your little Emperor and for Mom and Dad too. I hope he feels better soon. That post op period in recovery is really the pits!!! Keep ahead of the pain and gives lots of drugs...oh, and maybe the boy would benefit from that as well. ;-)

Love ya,

Empress Fussy Pants

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