Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scenes from a hospital....

Here are some of the images from our son's stay so far:

In the holding area - before drugs or going down to surgical suite (about 6:40 am)

About 7:00 - still no drugs and in the holding area... He is teasing me!

After Versed - down in Pre-op they kept his doggie with him the whole time!

This is after surgery - he is giving me the evil eye - he's in pain and somewhat confused. He will have morphine in a few minutes - he needed it.

Thank you for the balloons and teddy bear Aunti Col! He LOVES grabbing the balloons and he swats them.. just like he did when we had balloons at the house..................

He really loves the balloons AND animals!!

Now, here is my smiling boy!

He discovered he could blow and the feather will fly up - then he blows some more....

Only one day post surg - and he is BLOWING

And laughing........

The view from our room (you can't really see it, but the blue at the far edge is the Long Island Sound)

The view is stunning... my office is really far over to the left... LOL


Vicky said...

Bo is ADORABLE !!!! So glad things went well !!


MomEtc. said...

Oh, the blowing is SO amazing so soon! It looks like he came through things just fine!

amy said...

Glad he is doing well! Great pics!

Beverly said...

He looks great if not just slightly swollen. How fun with the feather and balloons!!


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