Thursday, March 20, 2008

All quiet on the Eastern Front...

It has happened. The transformation of one small child from traumatized howling feral child - into a somewhat cheerful (though wary) and affectionate little boy has been affected, but not entirely by me! This kid can eat! He laughs and sings, talks and chatters away - he repeats EVERYTHING said or done.. all the while smiling and laughing. We read a book and he decided to read to me! So he started from the back and point out all the items he knows - and said their name in Chinese. Of course I started from the front and said everything in English... he repeated it. So know he can say Monkey, Bird, Banana, Man and Big Mess! We were reading Curious George.

EFP is still intermittently miserable or happily. She does NOT want to bring home a "brudder" and "I want duckies and birdies - No Brudder!" Ha Ha. Today is her Birthday.. she is 3 years old. I can hardly believe it - the time has flown by so fast! I am not sure how I feel about the bittersweet nature of being so desperate to get her home in time to celebrate her first birthday and now we are here celebrating her third! We will have a party later - with cake and candle, pressies and goody bags. I am glad we brought so much stuff... we love our travel group. They are the best! I have something rigged up to post a few pics - hope to pics some from the big birthday soiree later! Love to all - someone PLEASE have a GIANT good coffee for me... how I long for a giant good coffee! For some really clean clothes (don't get me started about the laundry ...) and some sun without unbearable dust and heat - now honestly am I really asking for TOO much??


ReelMom said...

No problem...Totally promise to have really big giant coffee just for you!!! Happy Birthday to the best niece ever!!!! Love, Aunt Colleen, Uncle Ron, Tara and Trevor!!! We miss you and can't wait to meet Chance.

Jennifer said...

I know that unhappy little girl- but they do get over it. Lela now says, "I'm glad you got me a sister" - when they aren't fighting. FYI, the deli to the R as you are facing the street entrance to the WS does a great custom birthday cake. We had a first Bday party for Lela in China - since we arrived 5 days late.

Donna & Andrew said...

Happy Birthday EFP and congrats to the new family of four. Look forward to seeing the happy family @ the next FCC-LI event.

Cathryn said...

Happy Birthday, EFP! Happy family! Your pix make me smile!

Linette said...

Congrats on your family of four! I love reading about your journey. Our daughter is from Gansu that we adopted almost 3 years ago. I've enjoyed all your observations about Gansu. :) Enjoy the rest of your trip.

MomEtc. said...

Happy birthday EFP!!!! Before long she and her brudder will be inseparable!

Love the guys all look so happy together.

journey2lilyrose said...

I have been trying to post a comment for days. My computer must be taking a holiday or something.

Congratulations to you all. Your son is so handsome and boy is he a happy little guy. Love his smile.

I want to wish you the best of luck and enjoy the rest of your trip.


Shawna Dobbs said...

We were in Lanzhou in July 2005 to pick up our little girl from Zhangye. Her brother was 2 1/2 and stayed home with grandparents. For about 3 months after we came home he wanted to send her back to China. After almost 3 years, he has decided to keep her! Lanzhou is like seeing a very real piece of China that others don't often see. Hang in there.

JoAnn in NJ said...

Happy Birthday EFP! 3 is excellent...and believe it or not the best present you will ever receive is your Brudder! :)

I have to say I wasn't a big fan of the cake in dairy. It was light as air however :)

Missy, say Hi to my Panda Sister Heather for me. She's part of the April DTC 2005 group and she adopted her Abba at the same time we adopted Kelsey.

Anonymous said...


You look so perfect together and Chance looks very happy. We can't wait to meet him. Tell Chloe we said happy birthday.

Love Renee and Bob

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