Friday, March 21, 2008

We are OUTTA Here!

Yes, we are leaving LanZhou. I will probably be able to post birthday pix and such from GuangZhou a little easier than I can right now. Please bear with me! We are thrilled to be packed and ready - even though our flight is not for HOURS!! We have to check out of the hotel at 3pm then grab a bite - then head to airport for 8:40 PM Flight to GZ. Aside from the fact we will be meeting with friends and more travel buddies - I just want to see the back of this place. The heat crowds and "other" inconveniences were worth it for our son - but I am not in love with this city. I was very sorry to leave NanChang when we traveled for EFP and I am sure I will feel the same sadness for our son's sake.. but when I can speak freely you will understand the ambivalence much more clearly.

We are grossly overweight in our luggage and I am sure we Will pay a fortune - but how could I not come home with TWO Gansu Galloping Horses with Hoof on Swallow?? Plus assorted other things. I did VERY well at the Jade Market and better at the Silk factory.. and the shopping is still to come!! What to get what to get all those friends and family who have been so extra special and helpful to us... We are SO buying another suitcase.

When I tell you the adventure we will have in store making a mad dash from the Swearing In at the US Consulate to the train to Hong Kong. I think we must be MAD! But it will all work out.. I guess. LOL It has to right?

So next post from GZ and the land of being halfway home...
Zai Jian for now... Love to all!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! Your pictures brings smiles and memories. I am so happy for all of you.
Amy (and Darrin and Raenen)

Paynes in China said...

I just logged on & read back - Congrats he is adorable! Sounds like you are settling in and doing well! Terrific! Enjoy GZ & shopping. I wish we were there!

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