Monday, March 17, 2008

And it begins - a day early

Since our "harmonious period" started on Sunday we are technically on day one of adoption here - but really it is Day two outside the Gansu Provincial Civil Affairs Office. We are actually being sheparded by the head of the whole civil affairs office here in LanZhou (which HE called None-where in China - not me! Though I heartily concurr... NanChang, I am so sorry I ever dissed you, if only I had known!). The people here are so unused to seeing foreigners (there are approximately 20 white people in LanZhou at the moment - and 11 of them are us - AND they know where we are at every moment!) we are the tourist attraction walking down the street with our Chinese Children (all of whom are absolutely gorgeous I might add) and "lo fan" parents! But honestly - everyone has been very nice, offering advice and direction to which we all merely nod and smile. I am attempting to speak my little bit of Mandarin (they do not exactly speak Mandarin here it is a local dialect that our guides say is very hard to understand even by other Chinese). Our son picks up English every day.. but I think we must start offering better English words than pee pee, poopie, garbage, NO!, eat, and drink!! LOL

He is clearly happy to be in our family (TG!) and smiles and laughs. He is wary of motherly affection but pretty well head-butts me to giv me a kiss on my hand "wo ai ni Mama" I guess he must. He really loves Baba - but they are more of the punch on the arm type... LOL

It's ALL good! (well, except for the abyssmal heat and dust.. more about that later!)


reprehriestless warillever said...

What a great family photo.

Teresa said...

Congratulations Mama M and Baba G!!
I know these first days must be tough - especially with EFP feeling yucky and EBB trying to figure it all out - but they will get better. SO surprised reading your blog today to see that EBB had arrived early - but none more than you must have been yesterday! I know when your family is all feeling better and more settled that you'll look back on these days as sweet memories...OK. maybe not...but they will always be special. :o)

I guess EBB's T-shirt will be a bit too big - yes? Save it for him for later - there will be another one waiting for him for when he comes home.

I hope EFP feels better and that EBB continues to thrive in his new family. Great photos of all of you. Will talk with you soon.

TB-G & the B-G crew

Tracy said...

What a great family picture! Your kids are both beautiful. I love how you can tell he is smiling in the first picture (of just him and the little panda). He looks like he's going to be trouble (in a good boy kind of way).

March Moonbeam

Beverly said...

Congrats!! You guys look wonderful!!


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