Thursday, March 06, 2008

Late breaking news..... :-(

What the heck is Chicken Pox Virus Variant*? And how do I get it off my kid! It is NOT to be believe - I mean we have immunized this kid against everything - including things that aren't even a problem... so here we are a few days before our trip - and that is right! You got it.. she is covered in "Chicken Pops!"

* As some of you know - I have a great love of the dramatic AND the ridiculous (as well as a large fondness for Irony!) and so I already know that she is fine, there is nothing I can do, she will be ok to go on Wednesday.. and this really is not so bad... BUT.............I am &#^@$^^@#%@ Just the same!


Kelley said...

OH NO!!!!! Life with unpredictable. Hang in there! I hope that EFP is over her pops soon!

Joanne said...

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! But, she will be fine ~ the power of positive thinking ~ so excited to follow you to China ( you are blogging in China right??)

Michele said...

Oh boy,
Ali had Chicken POPS as they were referred to in my house and it wasn't fun. I HOPE that doesn't mean you won't be there on Sunday??? She should be fine by then, right?? I hope to see you!

All our love,
Michele, Emily and Ali

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh brother!!!! I feel so bad for you guys, I really do, especially the Empress!

Hugest hugs to you, and I really, really hope we get to see you on Sunday!

xoxox Kristen

Donna & Andrew said...

Gotta luv Murphy's Law. Hope the Empress is feeling better soon. Have a safe trip.

MomEtc. said...

Oh, no! Hope EFP is feeling better soon!

Frank, Allyson, & Molly said...

Oh Missy, I have just checked your blog and your probably won't even read this until you return since you are leaving tomorrow? Congratulations and we will be praying for a wonderful trip and smooth transition for your son and EFP.

God bless you all,
Allyson Moore!
Frank and Molly too!

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