Friday, March 14, 2008

Ni Hao Beijing!

We MADE it! We are "settled" into the Peace Hotel in Beijing!! All I can say is "It's not the Wang Fu Jing! LOL Our flight went great - EFP is a world traveler in the making! Except for a tiny bit of airsickness and the scary-a$$ night terror just when we were getting ready to land.. she had a blast! Walking around visiting friends (from our travel group) and her "Dora on Demand" system (portable DVD) she had lots of fun. She even liked the taxi and take off - just wanting it to go faster!  She is getting happier about "GeGe" but we will see. We arrived safe and sound with all our luggage! The restrictions are getting tough apparently we will not be able to bring ANY liquid or gel on the in china flight at all... YIKES! One of our families was missing one piece of luggage but it looks like it never left their home airport - it arrived tonight as we came back from dinner (good packing note: pack a little of everything in each bag!!)
We arrived at hotel - I can't even begin to tell you what the traffic was like!! Made NY rush seem like smooth sailing!! But the Beijing National bird is out in force!! (The Crane) Construction is amazing here.  We saw the new CCTV building - looks like a big lego building with a huge chunk out of it!
We were supposed to be "free" today - so we walked around Tianamen Square is just  a few blocks away... the shops are amazing. Really you can get anything here you need. The we decided to join others for Silk Factory tour  and well  there's a new comforter in Town. At first EFP wanted a beautiful Imperial Yellow color but then she changed her mind to pink.  We picked out a yellow with blue design meaning good fortune for our son.
Then we went to the Acrobat show - EFP was rapt! She danced and clapped - then fell asleep and so far has slept through three bus rides, diner and being change for bed! Luckily we have to get up really early tomorrow so that is probably going to be fine. The Dinner we had tonight was the Peking Duck dinner.. with a bunch of other stuff. No Crispy Blooming Fish (Right China 129?) but I did see one go by and for a half second was hoping it was coming to us... nope, passed us right by!  We are hunkered down... I had quite a few technical difficultures today so I was not able to get one any earlier - but will write more tomorrow. I have to sign into class. that has proven harder than I thought it would be but I am sure I will manage. Love to everyone and we'll speak to you soon.. The panda phone works great - so we hope to hear lots of folks!
DH Greg
DD Chloe Rose b. 3.20.05 a. 2.20.06 JiangXi
DS Chance Jiang Bo Gotcha 3.17.08 Gansu

DH Greg
DD Chloe Rose b. 3.20.05 a. 2.20.06 JiangXi
DS Chance Jiang Bo matched 9.10.07 LID 4.12.07 Gansu


LaLa said...

So glad you are doing well...can't wait to see your purchases!!

Michele said...

I can't wait to watch your (and our) family grow. I have been thinking of you all NON Stop. Once again our kids share a red thread. You will be recieving your boy on Alyssa's 3rd birthday. I cannot wait to meet him in person and have lots of play dates!!!

Love Always,
Michele, Emily, Alyssa (and Nana too)

Cathryn said...

Awesome, Missy! Have been checking your blog like 2x/day since you left. Living vicariously thru y'all for the next 2 wks. Best! Love!

margaret said...

Oh, I'm so glad you all arrived safe and sound. It sounds like you guys are so must be doing pretty good with the time change. I can't wait till you post about meeting your son/gege!!!

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