Monday, March 24, 2008

Nice Day in Old Canton

We are enjoying our stay here - each day goes so fast, hard to fit it all in! Of course the shopping, sightseeing etc. passes the time. We are having some logistical problems arranging our trip to Hong Kong - but hope that we will have that all worked out. In this day and age - it seems impossible not to be able to arrange transport. Apparently the 7pm train no longer runs so taking the train may not be practical - we are considering renting a van ($300 US) to take us from the Consulate to the Disneyland Hotel out on Lantau Penninsula in Hong Kong. At least we won't have to deal with bags etc. And there will be BAGS! I still have a little more shopping to do - but I am well on my way. LOL

This time I am concentrating on quality rather than quantity.. LOL No 30 pairs of squeeky shoes... bu I think my friend grabbed the best prize of all... a gorgeous tri-color Jade Quan Yin... it is exquisite and just the right thing to remember her 3 years in China. I splurged on some gorgeous silver pearls for myself... and a special something for some special someones.

I do have to try to find something special for a few more people. Plus my list is crazy - and I don't want to forget anyone. Especially the really helpful peoples!

Today we went to Six Banyan Temple for the Blessing of the Children and that was lovely! We stepped outside for a moment to shop and it was same as everywhere.. certain things are for sale all over the place - others one can't find anywhere! I will post some other pics - I can't post too many in one email unfortunately. More tomorrow!

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