Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas Tree Lights in GuangZhou and some smiles (but not for me)

Tonight we attended the annual lighting of the Garden Hotel Christmas tree with Christmas songs sung by a local children's school and kids from the Guangzhou SWI. It was disconcerting.. since it is about 70 degrees... and we are in China.. to hear holiday music sung by a "choir" in the lobby of a very fancy hotel.  (I am very aware this is not the information you are interested in.. so I am sticking this in the front!) We had a nice Italian dinner at a local restaurant and it wasn't bad... actually. Then I stopped for a (well-deserved) Frappucino!

The day with Empress Sassy Pants was pretty much a wash - neither better nor worse. She tantrumed some in the morning... but was ok in the room alone with me. She didn't really freak out much at all - just either contradicted me, ignored me or told me off in 6 year old's Mandarin.  She did eat well... and we were able to color. She does like me drawing pictures for her and writing things for her to copy - so we managed well - but I did not attempt to leave the room.  A few of the families with older kids (mix of newly adopted, bio or previously adopted kids) stopped by and she has fallen in love with one of the older boys.. so he was able to tease some smiles out of her.. and at dinner she had a lot of fun with the big girls and her new beau.  She has not actually decided she hates ME or that she does not want to be adopted... she just doesn't like what I say or do that has anything to do with her!!  We did get on watching Chinese soap operas... personally I like "Chair Alone on Beach" and she likes "Ancient Chinese Soap" though I don't follow either story .. but there is a lot of screaming, running, fainting, dying, smoldering looks, guilty looks, ominous music and people popping up all over the place!! Very interesting... wish they had English subtitles!

So here are some very cute pics from today - just remember I didn't have anything to do with them!


Colleen said...

Love the pictures. Glad she looks good in pink....since there is plenty to go around!! Good luck on the bus this morning. Love you like a crazy. Sissy

Kelley said...

Well, ESP looks like she is just full of personality...and the way she is handling you says that, too...I think if you get past this acclimation stage, things will be wonderful. It's just such a rough adjustment for you both.

Keep hanging in there!! I've been thinking about you and praying for you!

Punkie Pie's Place said...

Look at that adorable little face she has! I giggle/smile every time I see the pictures where she's giving the peace sign - so sweet! She needs time. And I think once you get her home and she realizes you are a loving wonderful family her comfort level will improve and she will come to realize how this a better life for her. Hang in there!

I read here that she likes coloring and drawing pictures with you. That's a good sign that she wants to communicate with you and it's a wonderful form of communication for both of you right now even if it's just drawing silly pictures. She may be artistic by nature and this gives her great comfort and acceptance.

I can't imagine the stress you are both having right now. I send you positive thoughts and strength to get through this rough time.

kelly said...

hey Missy, my thoughts are with you. I know how hard this can be even when we know intellectually what's going on the emotional side of us still suffers! I know mine does. We Haley's will be happy to give you a break when you get home. Wish i could do more to help now...thinking of you.

Kathy said...

Hi Missy,
Thinking of you and sending hugs and good thoughts your way! I remember being at the White Swan last year and seeing all the happy adoptive families...and then there was OUR family! Jessica was sobbing and calling her FM 10 times a day. I was Skyping with my sisters and crying to them, too! And Sophia was crying because WE were crying!! It WAS not, and still IS not an easy road! There are still times when I think...what did I do to my once-happy family?!! Then Jess will do something that makes my heart burst with love, and I am reminded that this was the right choice for ALL of us. Easy--no...worth it--YES!! Hang in there!!

bbmomof2boys said...

wow!! Congrats! I had no idea you were going back. I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family!!!


Patty Quartararo Slupe said...

Missy, your family in Florida is sending you good wishes and positive thoughts. You know things will turn around. You are a brave lady thats all I got to say!!! I know you remember when you were young and now you have a young person that is from different country and situation so I imagine alot harder to deal with all the changes. I don't agree , like you, with alot of how they do things regarding foster care, adoption....but I look at how great you and Colleen turned out and think that maybe something is right that we just don't realize. I love you and hope things start turning around for you. Your old sis in Fl. Love you, Patty Q.

Oh and A.Mary says St. Jude has not given up on you. Stay the course as strong as you can.

Anonymous said...

And I agree with Gregg that if he and your chilles were with you it would be alot easier for Cassia to adjust. The kids will make all the difference in the world. I wish I was rich so I can send them to you. Love, Patty Q.

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