Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Last post in USA

Today is the day!! I fly to China! I just received word that the Vaccine Bill (to waive the vaccinations being administered in China so the kids can get them safely in the USA) was signed by President Obama and is being honored in GuangZhou!!  Very excited that she will not have to get a ton of shots so soon after meeting her Mom.  I am excited period. The time is short.. I have to repack. My careful plan was blown to bits.. the bag weighs too much. So I am having to remanuever things a bit to make it work. It is hard to travel alone with one bag - I could take 2 to China.. but then only ONE would get on the plane in Beijing for Guangzhou... ERGH! Anyway - It is all good and I will have it figured out by the time we get there.. to the airport anyway!!

So - next post from CHINA!!!


Kelley said...

You're on your way!! Have a safe and wonderful trip. I can't wait for updates!

M3 said...

Safe and happy travels!!!!

Kate said...

How exciting! Good luck with everything! I can't wait for updates.

Mi Hilo Rojo said...

How are you ?



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