Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just when you think it is safe to breathe....

...........it sure isn't. We had better day yesterday.. a little drama at bath time and then more when the new clothes were produced.. she is a very very very (did I say VERY!) stubborn little girl. She was not into the bath... this morning it was interrupting her "morning routine" coloring and watching Pleasant Goat on TV... she threw a fit that would have had to be seen to be believed. All through the lobby into the buffet... but she did eat a little, fed the fish.. told her whole sad tale to our guide Susan (who is fabulous of course!) and she calmed somewhat but determined to return all her gifts (except the backpack, shoes and coloring materials) and ditch new Mom at her first opportunity. But she is a loving girl at heart and a few snacks, Cinderella on the DVD and a tissue seems to be turning the tide in my favor.  I will say that morning tantrums are not my finest hours. I know she is grieving... and I think after waking up happy to see me.. big hugs and "Mommy!!" she realized what she was feeling was in direct conflict with her former life - and of course one doesn't like to be interrupted during "Pleasant Goat" so I guess I deserved all I got. So my stubborn little Empress decided to follow us back up to the room and here we are having a day in.. till about 3:30 then we must leave for the police station to apply for her passport. This should be fun. I am not looking forward to it.  Anyway - things are progressing... can I just say that tomato flavored potato chips are not going to catch on in the states.. yuck! and this from someone who really loves chips!! Here are a few pics.. I am sorry for the double posting on FB and here.... but I want to record all the various happenings and FB's limits do not do justice to the story.  Really she is amazing... just exactly who I thought she would be though I am not sure even I could have predicted the level of obstinacy that she exhibits. I think some would say she is spoiled a bit... she seems very very western compared to some kids. Was horrified at the thought of using a squatty... knows about TP and hand washing, prefers a spoon to chopsticks, loves TV, is a sugar junkie (jelly beans available at all times thanks to a kind family at the civil affairs office - how I could be so unprepared is beyond me. We bought snacks then totally didn't pack them or the toys!) she will eat chocolate - but it is not quite apparent whether she is the chocolate lover EFP is. She will give EBB a run for his money in the noodle eating department that is for sure - the kid can put it away. Where exactly she puts it is beyond me - since she is not quite 30lbs.  Thank goodness because if I have to carry her kicking and screaming it is good she is not 50lbs!!  She is a bundle though, let me tell you! I love her dearly and I am hoping for each day to get progressively better. Wish me luck!


lpiccoli said...

Missy, this is all so familiar. You know that if you need to talk, I am always here. :)

Stacy said...

Ok, so your second day is a little rougher than mine was. But, I believe you when you say she is a loving girl at heart.
Hang in there!
And keep up the blog! I can't wait to show Isabella. She's been asking about Long FuJiao!


Stacy said...

I just showed Isabella and she said, "Wow!"
And then later said, "She pretty."

Email me if you want to skype!


Serving the King said...

Continued prayers for you my friend! Orphanage visit tomorrow? How exciting! I'll be praying that specifically goes well for you! Be blessed! Sonia

Mi Hilo Rojo said...

She is beautiful! Missy, both of you are in my Novena .



Colleen said...

Stay strong Sissy. All your hard work pays off in the end. Being a great Mom is difficult, sometimes it means being the punching bag (so to speak). It also means that before you know it those arms will be flying around your neck with big hugs and kisses. As deeply as she loved her foster family she needs to grieve for them before she can really love again. You and Greg and the kids will be there for her when she's ready!!! Love you like a crazy!!

Meg said...

Oh, Missy...so great to follow this journey. She is adorable! Hang in there with the tantrums and enjoy these precious days with her!
Blessings to you both!

Kelley said...

Those tomato flavored chips are big with my little one! I've been on expeditions to get them here...

She's a beautiful girl!!! (Gotta love "Pleasant Goat!")

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