Monday, December 27, 2010

Scenes from our lived life

The kids, as expected, are getting along pretty well. There are the usual bumps along the way.. misunderstandings, toy squabbles, requests for return trips, and in general the noise of siblings, but all in all the kids get along and seem to accept their new sibling with amazing grace. We have some issues to work on - but I still firmly believe that all will be well - though I foresee a few problems... one being the thumbsucking and two being ESP's unwillingness to try to explain her frustrations before she goes full tilt into tantrum. I am trying to give her a vocabulary - and of course she is smart so she knows more than she lets on, but it is coming. She has been somewhat more accepting of me as her mama - but is still definitely a Baba's girl for now. The tantrums HAVE cooled a bit in intensity and frequency - as she understands more and more of her new life. She adores her brother and sister but has learned none of the lessons we have tried so hard to instill in them.. sharing, caring, asking to borrow toys, saying sorry, being polite, etc. But her brother and sister are attempting to teach her (in high pitched squeals if nothing else works!) the basics of getting along and frankly their methods are more effective than my Mom's rationale! She does understand kid-speak!  Anyway some photos of  the new addition in her new habitat!


Kelley said...

I love the pictures, and I'm glad to hear that the siblings are getting along (for the most part). It's never easy as family dynamics adjust.

Don't be a stranger to blogging, Missy! I love the updates on EFP, EBB and now ESP! Keep 'em coming! (And I say that not as a "do as I do"---because I've been blogging less and less...)

Mi Hilo Rojo said...

Happy toheard from you. Will be better!!



Laura L. said...

I'm glad things are going as well as can be expected at this point. I'm so happy for your family and the addition of your adorable ESP. She certainly seems to have quite the personality. :D

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