Friday, December 03, 2010

Peking Duck in Peking!!

Cold day today... we were late getting into Beijing thanks to weather in NY. Apparently - I slept the entire way!!! Hopefully - not snoring!!! (Snoring in the room and on the bus - caught up on 20 hours sleep) we walked over to Tiananmen Square than all the way through Forbidden City - I have now seen ALL of the Forbidden City!!

We were Shanghai'd by some art students on our way to the Forbidden City - 4 Art Students convinced that there was an Prestigious Art Exhibition in a dumpy "hotel" down a very questionable street.....  and we saw some very pretty things. Also  - they ran out of paint before they could paint clothes on some of the female subjects... LOL

Then we were tailed by a pedicab driver who stalked us all the way down Wanfujing! LOL

We were not permitted to take pictures of the acrobat show - and it is a good thing because I will probably have night for the rest of my life about the giant MILLIPEDE guy who climbed a pole - which was a LOT too close for comfort from our front row seats. We were in the special VIP section right up front.. we could see the sweat on the performers...  and the sparkly eyelashes - fake of course.

Then - delicious Roasted Duck (Peking Duck) at Quanjude - most famous duck restaurant in all Beijing. Very good dinner... and excellent company.. can not say enough about how much fun we are all having!! Tomorrow we are up bright and early to go to Great Wall and Temple of Heaven then SHOPPING!!  I miss my Chillies... but otherwise all is well.


Sissy said...

Where's the like button!!! Have fun on your Great Wall adventure. Love you lots!!!

Serving the King said...

1 more day!!!!! I am SO excited for you!!! Can't wait to see that sweet girl in your arms!

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