Sunday, December 12, 2010

Come to Jesus and Sticky Uppies!

So just after I posted last time (or during really) I had called our guide out of sheer desperation and begged her (not that I needed to beg) to come speak to Sassy Pants about her behavior and what was going on. She had had a fit so bad - I didn't know what to do - so I stuck her in the tub and hoped that some warm water and bubbles would turn the tide - it did not.

Susan spoke with her seriously for quite a while.. and tried to get to the bottom of why the awful behavior and acting out.. she actually hurt me this time.. and was in serious danger of hurting herself or someone else.  Well - the upshot is she is mad at her foster mom for sending her back to the orphanage, mad at the world and having a Mama to tell her what to do etc. is not part of her plan for anger management. Some of what is happening is absolutely because of language issues.. she was freaking out because we had been sitting in the first seat but another family joined our group and they have a child who uses a wheelchair and now that child must be in the first seat - but our daughter's tummy hurts in the back - and she thought I wouldn't help her. Susan set her right on that.. so we will be in the next seat whenever we can.   She wants to do lots of things herself.. and that is fine.. but she needed to understand she can't throw herself around, etc. or I will have to pick her up and hold her to keep her safe. She doesn't like being held much right now - so that is part of the bargain. She doesn't tantrum and I don't hold on to her.

Tonight after Susan left.. the child was a NEW GIRL! She was absolutely delightful.. singing.. dancing.. letting me do her hair and even took a little walk to 7-11 for milk and water without incident.  It was indescribable.. how sweet and funny she is.. when she is happy the world is happy!! Some of the pics are blurry because she wouldn't stop dancing around... this is what I was hoping for!!

Here is what we have all been waiting for:


Colleen said...

I think I have hair accessory envy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy! My heart is breaking for you and Cassia right now. We went through very simiar stuff with Brie in China. The grief and fear were tremendous and scary. We also left our other daughter @ home in the US and we were missing her very badly. Brie was horrified by my husband, and after waiting for three years to get our new daughter, he was heartbroken. I know that when children grieve in China, things usually get better once you are home. And, when children have a seemingly "smooth" transition in China, things can go haywire once they are home in the US. So, hopefully she is getting it all out of her system now. Once she sees your interaction with C and C things should be a little clearer for her. I know that the dynamic between my husband and my other daughter is what brought Brie around to accepting him. I wish you peace as you travel through your final days away from home...and get Benedryl for the plane ride home.

Kelley said...

I'm hoping that things stay turned around for awhile...but I know that your new empress will have lots of anger at her situation in genera. Very understandable. She'll soon see what a fantastic new family she has!

I'm thinking of you and praying every day!

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