Monday, December 06, 2010

The Harmonious Period

What began auspiciously enough... she was all smiles, called me Mama.. hugs and all.. was quite different a few moments later.  As soon as she realized this was happening.. that she was to leave with me... she started to cry..then she started to run. She did not forget her bags though.. she is as protective of her backpack as our son was at this point.  She cried her heart out... sobbing and running. I was (truth be told) scared for her. She tried to leave with the orphanage Ayis and it took some doing to catch up to her. But - I did and the well meaning officials spoke with her.. I don't know exactly what they said but our fabulous guide Susan was on top of it... to be sure they did not say anything I didn't want them to say.  At one point I said - tell her we will take her to lunch then shopping and then she can decide.. she did not stop crying but she did decide to come with us. When we got back to the room - she napped a little and then she explored all the small things we brought for her.. she loves the hair things and jewelry.

We have been employing the "plan A" or "plan B" system.. but since she stayed calm we decided to go shopping to the Trust Market for snacks etc. (and a hairbrush because somehow I did not bring one!) water, juice and some chicken feet. ;-) She had a blast in the stroller picking this or that and then yelling "Ayi" so Vicky would bring the cart near and she could throw the item in the cart. This made her very very happy.  We are so lucky to have Vicky Ayi with us!!!  A few hundred RMB later.. we think she is so tired we take the taxi back to the hotel and think she will eat the noodle bowl - and go to sleep.. LOL  Not So Much!! She wants to go out... so we headed over to the Malaysian Restaurant, Sabala, and she pointed to about 6 different items in the menu... a few of which I was sure not going to sit next to her and eat!! Finally we settle on some crispy chicken, stir fried long beans, and noodles... and well, let me tell you!! This kid can EAT!! and EAT!! and EAT!! Then she saw the last page and wanted a Mango Milkshake and some 8 jewel rice... we did get the milkshake.  She is neat and clean in her eating... really worried about where her napkin kept getting to.. and did a great job eating everything in site.  We walked back to the hotel and she kept pointing at the incredibly expensive and totally age-appropriate clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags...very very obvious she is our daughter!!

At this point... she is wary but calmer. She is incredibly bright. Her papers included some school work - and I think she will have no trouble at all. She knows the English Alphabet and complex maths.  She is repeating everything I say... and tonight when I got her ready for bed.. she was much much much happier. She wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle a little before bed... and I was hugged and kissed.  Honestly... the way things were going, this is not how I predicted the night would be.. but so far so good.  She has a very silly personality... she is sweet and so smart. I think that EFP and EBB will definitely help get her acclimated and ensure that she understands how very much she is loved already.

Threw in a few shots from our hotel room... more tomorrow...Zai Jian!


Serving the King said...

Oh goodness she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad to hear that she is starting to think that you are actually a pretty neat lady! Bless her heart! That's great that she already knows her ABC's, it will be interesting to see if our two kiddos know that as well. Congratulations!

proud mama said...

HOORAY for smart and beautiful kids! Sounds like everything is going GREAT! Love all the photos - keep 'em coming as you can! Enjoy this time in China. Wonder when you (and we) will go again?

Kirsten said...

Wow! Congrats, Missy. I've been thinking of you guys all weekend, fingers crossed that things would go OK. Cassia must be terrified, understandably, but it seems like she's doing fine with her new mama under the circumstances. Keep the pics and updates coming, and take good care! Hugs from NC.

Sissy said...

She is beautiful!!! You are amazing!!!! Ahead is a lifetime of wonderfulness. Today it is one day at a time. I love you and am thinking about you every minute!!!!!
I can see she loves the jewelery....she's gonna fit right in!!

ourchinagirls said...

So happy another LongGang child has a family!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

So glad she is doing better and you were able to help her become more comfortable. She is adorable! Kim Reichenbach

Rog and Sue Frens said...

I think they grow the Longgang kids stubborn! :) Our little boy has more than his fair share, too. She's a beautiful little girl! Congrats .. and hope your days keep getting better!

Sue Frens

Deb said...

Oh Missy - she is so beautiful and looks so happy. God bless you all! Enjoy every minute. Congratulations!

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